Tuesday, January 11, 2011

-SPOILER- Noblesse Chapter 167


Whooooooooooooo! Noblesse! Yeahaha. Good start to chapter, I'm a sucker for how people think Rai doesn't know how to do anything then BAM moar tea. Loved it. But to be serious it was a good chapter. I'm noticing and you are also probably that Rael is using this mission to bring Seira back as a way to make her think that he just came back for her love. Which I believe Seira and Regis actually believe. But we know that he's only there because he has to be.

But Rael is a good character , an "enemy", to the Noblesse but is also a Noblesse? I guess thats what I get from it. Anyways Seira refuses again to come back with him and says its been that way for 10 years yadayadayada. Plus how he is "Not her type". Well then what is her type?

When I first seen these characters I thought they were brother and sister. But I'm beginning to believe that is not so. I am starting to believe that Regis like Seira. Regis is most likely to be Seira's type obviously but I don't think we will ever see them together if you ask me.

I am a fan of the Noblesse that help the humans as you also probably do. Rael is annoying if you ask me. He thinks the humans are just some animals that don't belong and are only there because the Noblesse allow, which is true I suppose. When Rael and Regis argue about the battle at the school grounds he says he wasn't even using is full power which was obvious.

Now when they began to fight the chapter got good. For the record, I love the way this manwha puts fights in the chapters. So as suspected Rael is much stronger than Regis but shows that he's improving by marely missing a punch to Rael's face.

But back to the review not the explanation. When Seira steps in and says that she has more than a chance to fight as long as she's clan leader make me wonder, do the clan leaders have two forms? I mean by this do they have their normal fighting style and when they use the power of their clan ie:Death Scythe do they become more powerful than their peers?

The end of this chapter was great after Rael regrabs Regis, Frankenstein comes in and stops him blah blah blah. But I'm beginning to think Frankenstein was once quite evil. Whenever he shows his powers he always has a sense of evilness to him. But now that he has his powers unlocked he is extremely powerful.

I fricken love how it seems to be that Frankenstein is going to be slapping some cocky Noblesse around next chapter. Anyways check back in next week for Noblesse Chapter 168. BYE!

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  1. Totally agree, i love how he writes-out the fights. Got some nice style in there.