Thursday, January 13, 2011

-SPOILER- Bleach 433 - The Six Fullbringers

KEVIN :Hello everyone another chapter of Bleach is out and I'm here to give you what I think about it this week. So the chapter starts out with what I think is a total overeaction of Ichigo, you may think differently but I'm pretty sure Kubo over did it here. He's acting like he's Harry Potter here like forcing Dumbledore for answers or something. Anyways it seems like Riruka didn't even know that Chad and Ichigo knew each other seems to me like this group "Xcution" is a little bit misinformative. Haha not like it matters though right?

Well this chapter gave us plenty of answers finally something good happening in Bleach!  Seems asthough the "Fullbringers" don't want their powers and want to get rid of them and in order to do so they need Ichigo. Well to get the powers to be removed you need a half hollow half shinigami person which is Ichigo. But it filled a good plothole here which is that to get half hollow powers or fullbringer whatever you want to call it, you need to have a parent die to a hollow which to me makes no sense for Orihime because it was her brother who died I'm guessing close family member too? So theirs some good things that come with taking away these guy's powers. Its that Ichigo will be absorbing their powers. YES! Sweet some knew things other than spamming the same move over and over again. But I don't like how Chad is helping here I'm sure he is literally just "helping" and is not going to give up his powers and will only help the members of Xcution.

So I was talking to Chase on something and we realized that he is half/hollow/human thing and half shinigami but also that mean we now have a guarantee that Ichigo's sister are atleast half hollow or fullbringer whatever. Which is sweet so now we can predict some future goings.

But I'm still interested in how they are going to give Ichigo his powers back but I'm sure it shallbe interesting and also can't wait to see these other guy's powers.

See you next week please come by again.