Tuesday, January 11, 2011

-SPOILERS- Bleach 432 - The Soul Pantheism


Hehe not a bad chapter I suppose. It has given us some information on Xcution which is something that I wanted and I'm sure the rest of you also wanted. My only complaint is how Kubo delivered. This chapter was poorly layed out in my oppinion and was 95% predictable. I'm sure most of us knew Xcution would get Ichigo's shinigami powers back but I'm sure some of us thought they were shinigami. I think its poorly written how he kinda just comes out with "Oh hai, I'm human but we were born with special abilities." But I coulda sworn that humans needed to be in contact with a shinigami to get the powers because thats how Chad and Orihime got them correct? But the Xcution's member's powers are quite interesting but I find it lame how he says we which mean they all have the same power right? But then why is Chad in here I haven't seen him do anything which I hope to be answered in the upcoming chapters. One thing I like about the group is how it seems that each member has a certain item to them that is unique which is something interesting that makes me want to figure out how effective it actually is if it has anymore power other than just being a weapon because these guys are already super human.

Towards the end of the chapter Riruka becomes apparent I like her character as of now. She has a sense of comedy to her. I believe its apparent that her "item" are her glasses which she doesn't seem to wear what a rebel.

And to end this chapter Chad reappears. HAHAHA. He has been gone so long now I mean last time I remember he was face down in the sand. They did say he was doing work? I coulda sworn he was working for the Cartels down at the border but I guess not just working for these random Xcution guys that for no apparent reason they found or Chad found them for that matter.

This chapter has brought up more questions and also gave us some "answers" I suppose. For sure this group will be getting Orihime but their true intentions I believe have not become apparent for sure they didn't just come together to get Ichigo's powers back and I wonder why they want them back my guess is Chad asked them to? But thats iffy. I want some more background information on these guys but I'm sure we wont get anything on that.

Hopefully once this break is done we will get a good chapter to talk about till then PEACE!

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