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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Noblesse Chapter 168

Sorry everyone on the late release I've been a bit busy the past few days but I did read the day of the release so here goes Noblesse Chapter 168 Blog.

This chapter was beast! I expected such I'm not going to lie. I must say I love the way to writers put enough humor into this I mean the characters you would expect not to have any humor seem to have it at the right times. I mean this because Regis seems to be always funny to me even though his character shouldn't be really funny. But I'm not complaining!

Franky has an oddness to him. He is quite full of himself but at the same time very "courteous" no pun intended. But GOSH Rael is very very naughty he's kind of like that bully at school who bullies the nerds around then the nerd's cousin comes over to handle the business and the bully still thinks he's tough stuff and gets slapped around. Thats how I see him. We shouldn't expect much of him though because he is just a follower of a follower, right?

I find it funny how Rael just thinks of Franky as a nobody at first kinda like the school bully problem :P. Anyways I believe Franky is trying to convince himself that he is being courteous so that he doesn't want to beat himself up about maybe not being nice enough but in reality he's just really not "courteous" thats why he asked Seira and Regis "Am I courteous enough? -puffs cigarette on long stick-"

Like always just enough action to make me happy actually the perfect amount just goes to show that Franky is really a step above what he have seen even though it might not seem so. Which shows that Rai is even more powerful which we know that we haven't even seen the smallest amount of power from him I believe. Franky still shows this very evilness to him though which is kind of odd. Kinda like he made a deal with the devil hehe.

Have fun! Till next week. BYE! Don't forget to follow the blog please really helps us and also comment if you have anything to say or questions I'll reply if I can.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hello everyone Kevin here with some good news. We will be expanding the chapter updates to Claymore, Air Gear, Fairytail(possibly), and a few others hopefully in the next few weeks. Thanks for the participation and don't forget to follow and comment it really helps us out.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

One Piece: Chapter 610 - The Fortuneteller Madam Shirley (SP0ILERR!!!!11!!1!!)

CHASE: In this week's chapter we learned the name of one of the Four Pirate Emperors. She's known as Big Mam, and apparently really likes candy. I hope we get to see Luffy duke it out with her in the future so he can show off the results of his training over the last 2 years against an extremely renowned opponent. A poison octopus New Fishman Pirate named Hyouzou who is a swordsman. He will probably fight Zoro I'm guessing, and we can see some skills he learned. Zoro's eye is still a mystery, but I think he's not missing it. Maybe he has a "Hawk Eye" hidden. ;)

Anyway, Madam Shirley was introduced, and she has predicted that Luffy will destroy Fishman Island. I don't think he will directly destroy FI, but he will draw powerful Pirates who will wreak havoc there and he will have to stop them and prove Madam Shirley wrong.

Luffy being immune to the poison was an interesting thing. Perhaps this is forshadowing a rematch between him and Magellan??

I was surprised Sanji actually got a taste of heaven instead of getting kicked in the face like usual. I do think personally that the whole situation with Sanji bleeding to death from a silly perverted nose bleed was a little stupid. Even for One Piece that doesn't seem like something that should actually affect the story in any way. I thought it was funny that Sanji got his blood from "traps" though. He just can't seem to get away from them. XD

Well, hopefully we get to see some action in the near future, maybe against the crew of the Flying Dutchman..

Thanks for reading. :D

-UPDATE- Blog Change

Today we are adding in another blogger Chase. So the posts will be marked with either Kevin or Chase before our reviews thanks :D

-SPOILER- Bleach 433 - The Six Fullbringers

KEVIN :Hello everyone another chapter of Bleach is out and I'm here to give you what I think about it this week. So the chapter starts out with what I think is a total overeaction of Ichigo, you may think differently but I'm pretty sure Kubo over did it here. He's acting like he's Harry Potter here like forcing Dumbledore for answers or something. Anyways it seems like Riruka didn't even know that Chad and Ichigo knew each other seems to me like this group "Xcution" is a little bit misinformative. Haha not like it matters though right?

Well this chapter gave us plenty of answers finally something good happening in Bleach!  Seems asthough the "Fullbringers" don't want their powers and want to get rid of them and in order to do so they need Ichigo. Well to get the powers to be removed you need a half hollow half shinigami person which is Ichigo. But it filled a good plothole here which is that to get half hollow powers or fullbringer whatever you want to call it, you need to have a parent die to a hollow which to me makes no sense for Orihime because it was her brother who died I'm guessing close family member too? So theirs some good things that come with taking away these guy's powers. Its that Ichigo will be absorbing their powers. YES! Sweet some knew things other than spamming the same move over and over again. But I don't like how Chad is helping here I'm sure he is literally just "helping" and is not going to give up his powers and will only help the members of Xcution.

So I was talking to Chase on something and we realized that he is half/hollow/human thing and half shinigami but also that mean we now have a guarantee that Ichigo's sister are atleast half hollow or fullbringer whatever. Which is sweet so now we can predict some future goings.

But I'm still interested in how they are going to give Ichigo his powers back but I'm sure it shallbe interesting and also can't wait to see these other guy's powers.

See you next week please come by again.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

-SPOILER- Noblesse Chapter 167


Whooooooooooooo! Noblesse! Yeahaha. Good start to chapter, I'm a sucker for how people think Rai doesn't know how to do anything then BAM moar tea. Loved it. But to be serious it was a good chapter. I'm noticing and you are also probably that Rael is using this mission to bring Seira back as a way to make her think that he just came back for her love. Which I believe Seira and Regis actually believe. But we know that he's only there because he has to be.

But Rael is a good character , an "enemy", to the Noblesse but is also a Noblesse? I guess thats what I get from it. Anyways Seira refuses again to come back with him and says its been that way for 10 years yadayadayada. Plus how he is "Not her type". Well then what is her type?

When I first seen these characters I thought they were brother and sister. But I'm beginning to believe that is not so. I am starting to believe that Regis like Seira. Regis is most likely to be Seira's type obviously but I don't think we will ever see them together if you ask me.

I am a fan of the Noblesse that help the humans as you also probably do. Rael is annoying if you ask me. He thinks the humans are just some animals that don't belong and are only there because the Noblesse allow, which is true I suppose. When Rael and Regis argue about the battle at the school grounds he says he wasn't even using is full power which was obvious.

Now when they began to fight the chapter got good. For the record, I love the way this manwha puts fights in the chapters. So as suspected Rael is much stronger than Regis but shows that he's improving by marely missing a punch to Rael's face.

But back to the review not the explanation. When Seira steps in and says that she has more than a chance to fight as long as she's clan leader make me wonder, do the clan leaders have two forms? I mean by this do they have their normal fighting style and when they use the power of their clan ie:Death Scythe do they become more powerful than their peers?

The end of this chapter was great after Rael regrabs Regis, Frankenstein comes in and stops him blah blah blah. But I'm beginning to think Frankenstein was once quite evil. Whenever he shows his powers he always has a sense of evilness to him. But now that he has his powers unlocked he is extremely powerful.

I fricken love how it seems to be that Frankenstein is going to be slapping some cocky Noblesse around next chapter. Anyways check back in next week for Noblesse Chapter 168. BYE!