Thursday, January 20, 2011

Noblesse Chapter 168

Sorry everyone on the late release I've been a bit busy the past few days but I did read the day of the release so here goes Noblesse Chapter 168 Blog.

This chapter was beast! I expected such I'm not going to lie. I must say I love the way to writers put enough humor into this I mean the characters you would expect not to have any humor seem to have it at the right times. I mean this because Regis seems to be always funny to me even though his character shouldn't be really funny. But I'm not complaining!

Franky has an oddness to him. He is quite full of himself but at the same time very "courteous" no pun intended. But GOSH Rael is very very naughty he's kind of like that bully at school who bullies the nerds around then the nerd's cousin comes over to handle the business and the bully still thinks he's tough stuff and gets slapped around. Thats how I see him. We shouldn't expect much of him though because he is just a follower of a follower, right?

I find it funny how Rael just thinks of Franky as a nobody at first kinda like the school bully problem :P. Anyways I believe Franky is trying to convince himself that he is being courteous so that he doesn't want to beat himself up about maybe not being nice enough but in reality he's just really not "courteous" thats why he asked Seira and Regis "Am I courteous enough? -puffs cigarette on long stick-"

Like always just enough action to make me happy actually the perfect amount just goes to show that Franky is really a step above what he have seen even though it might not seem so. Which shows that Rai is even more powerful which we know that we haven't even seen the smallest amount of power from him I believe. Franky still shows this very evilness to him though which is kind of odd. Kinda like he made a deal with the devil hehe.

Have fun! Till next week. BYE! Don't forget to follow the blog please really helps us and also comment if you have anything to say or questions I'll reply if I can.


  1. An extremely general and open ended question, but, if you could suggest 1 manga to someone who has never read one/been able to get into one, what would it be?

  2. One Piece for sure and if for some reason you hate that. Bleach or Noblesse. You will enjoy those. But they are very popular. It could matter on your interests. Some people won't like the ones I listed because they are just into other things.

  3. Cool. I've got a couple friends who watch/read One Piece and constantly tell me I have to try it.